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Sports bettors are always looking for an edge – a way to maximize both excitement and profit. Hard Rock Bet’s new Profit Boost promotions accomplish both, and are coming soon.

What follows is a complete breakdown of the new Profit Boosts on Hard Rock Bet, including where to find them, how they work, and most importantly, how you can use them to boost your sports betting profit.

Profit Boosts explained

So what exactly is a Profit Boost? To put it simply, you can make the same bets but get paid more.

Let’s elaborate a little further.

A Profit Boost is a promotion on Hard Rock Bet that allows bettors to boost the profit on a particular wager. Profit Boosts will come in all shapes and sizes but the end result is the same: When you win, you win more. It might be 5%, 10%, 50% more, but regardless of the size of the Profit Boost the fact remains that a boosted bet will pay more than a bet without a Profit Boost.

Example of a Profit Boost

Let’s say you want to bet $110 on your favorite NFL team at -110 on the moneyline. Under normal circumstance at -110, a $110 bet(if it wins!) would return $210 ($110 bet + $100 in profit).

Now, let’s say you’ve got a 25% Profit Boost to put in play and you apply it to the bet. That same $110 at -110 would instead return $235 ($110 bet + $125 profit). That’s $25 ($100 x .25) in extra profit, 25% more than you would have received without the Profit Boost.

Remember, the Profit Boost is calculated completely from the potential profit of the wager.

How to claim Profit Boosts on Hard Rock Bet

Now that you know what a Profit Boost is… how do you get them on Hard Rock Bet?

First things first, you need a Hard Rock Bet account. If you don’t have one you can get started here. It only takes a few minutes, and no Hard Rock Bet promo code is necessary to get the best bonuses, promotions, and boosts.

Once you have an account there are a few different ways to grab a Profit Boost. Sometimes all you need to do is open the app as Hard Rock Bet will periodically add Profit Boosts to your account, no action required. Simply check your betslip or the ‘Rewards’ section of your account to see what you’ve got at your disposal.

Additionally, it never hurts to keep an eye on the ‘Promotions‘ tab and the banners at the top of the sportsbook as additional Profit Boost opportunities may be available here.

Using Profit Boosts

Now, let’s get to the fun part: placing a bet with a Profit Boost. The first part of this process works just like placing any regular wager on Hard Rock Bet… simply peruse the sportsbook until you find the wager that you want to make and tap/click on it to add it to your bet slip.

While entering the amount of money that you’d like to bet there will be a prominent orange button sitting just below the bet titled “Profit Boosts” – this is where you can select, and apply a Profit Boost to the wager.

profit boost button After clicking on the Profit Boosts button you will see a list of available options to choose from, along with a succinct list of terms and conditions for the offer. Touch the Profit Boost that you want to apply to attach it to the wager.

The Hard Rock Bet app and website will clearly display the Profit Boost being utilized just below the bet, and the improved payout will be reflected on screen with a fresh green-colored font for emphasis. Finally, hit the ‘Place bet’ button to submit it through.

place your bet boost Once completed you will be able to see the bet, with the attached Profit Boost displayed, within the ‘My Bets’ portion of your account.

my bets profit boost All that’s left now is to pull for a win! Good luck!

Profit Boost Terms and Conditions

Each Profit Boost with Hard Rock Bet is different and as a result will come with different terms and conditions. As long as the wager you are boosting satisfies the set requirements, than you’re good to go. All of the relevant conditions will be visible directly on the boost card. You will clearly be able to see:

  • Available Profit Boost %
  • Max Wager
  • Minimum Odds
  • Expiration Date

min odds profit boost

Maximum wager

Profit Boosts will have a maximum wager amount component. For example, if the max wager is at $20 it means you can only apply the boost to a bet of $20 or less.

Minimum odds

Hard Rock Bet Profit Boosts may also come with an odds requirement. For example, it may say “Min Odds -250”, meaning you can’t boost the payout on a wager that has odds less than -250. For example, a -150 bet would be fine, but -300 would not qualify for the Profit Boost.

Expiration date

Expiration dates are pretty self explanatory, to be frank… use’m or lose’m! Each Profit Boost will only be available for a limited time. If they expire then they’re gone for good – so make sure you put them in play while they’re available otherwise the opportunity to collect extra value will pass.

Profit Boost FAQs

Still have questions about Profit Boosts with Hard Rock Bet? We’ve got the answers.

Do Profit Boosts expire?

Yes. Profit boosts will only be able to be used during specific time periods and will eventually expire. The expiration date for each Profit Boost will be clearly displayed at the bottom of the promotion.

How do I get a profit boost?

Hard Rock Bet will give them out! Sometimes simply logging in to the sportsbook will earn a Profit Boost. Check your betslip or the ‘Rewards’ area in your account to see what is available for use now. We also recommend checking the ‘Promotions’ tab and the banners at the top of the sportsbook as Profit Boosts may be made available there, too.

How does a Profit Boost work?

A Profit Boost is a way to boost the payout on your wager. For example, a $100 bet at +100 would return $200 total ($100 stake + $100 profit). If you were to attach a 20% Profit Boost to the same wager it would return $220 ($100 stake + $120 profit). Profit boosts allow you to make the same bets and return more money.

Can I apply a Profit Boost to any bet?

Yes, but be sure to check the terms and conditions for each individual Profit Boost. Some may have specific sports or bet types that they have been earmarked for, like a Same Game Parlay.

What is the difference between an Odds Boost and a Profit Boost?

Flexibility. Odds Boosts are offered on a specific market or wager. By contrast, with a Profit Boost you get to pick the exact bet that you want to apply the boost to as long as it satisfies the promotional terms.