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NJ Online Casino: Play Legal Games Now on Hard Rock Bet

New Jersey online casinos are legal, licensed, and offer popular games to players throughout the state. Below we’ll offer a complete summary of online casino in New Jersey, covering how it is legal, who can play, available game types, deposit options, promotions and bonuses, …and most importantly, why Hard Rock Bet remains the top destination in the state.

NJ online casino summary

  • Are online casinos legal in New Jersey? – Yes
  • New Jersey Online Casino Age: 21+
  • Legal Casino Games: Table Games, Slots, Live Dealer, Game Shows
  • NJ Online Casino Launch Date: November 2013
  • NJ Online casino Regulator: New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement

The Best New Jersey online casino

Hard Rock Bet is the best online casino in New Jersey. With tens of thousands of reviews across the most popular app stores, Hard Rock Bet has returned exceptional ratings. However, it’s not just about the ratings. Hard Rock Bet offers an excellent NJ online casino experience with a great game selection, easy banking options, valuable loyalty program, and to top it all off – it’s backed by one of the nicest casino properties in the country… the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City.

New Jersey online casino eligibility

Before we dig into how you can sign up for a NJ online casino account, let’s talk about who is eligible to do so. Hard Rock Bet, and all NJ online casinos, are available to anyone that can meet the following requirements:

Legal online betting age in New Jersey

You must be 21 years or older to gamble online in the state of New Jersey. This applies for all types of gambling: online casino and sports betting.

Location, location, location: NJ bettors only

You must be in the state of New Jersey, and able to demonstrate it, to be eligible to play – no exceptions. New Jersey online casinos are legal, however, these laws only apply for New Jersey. If you’re outside of the state you will be unable to play for real money on Hard Rock Bet or any NJ online casino. Even if you live in New Jersey, or signed up in New Jersey but have traveled out of state for any reason and aren’t physically present within the border.

Geolocation in New Jersey

We mentioned before that you have to be able to demonstrate that you are physically inside the state of New Jersey… so how exactly does that work? New Jersey online casinos rely on geolocation software to pinpoint your exact location. If you’re using a NJ online casino app on your phone or tablet, this is really easy. The app will ask you for permission to use your location. Once you give the “OK” there, the GPS on your phone will communicate to the app where you are. If you’re in-state, you’re good to go.

When gambling on a computer you will be prompted to install a separate program to confirm your location. Hard Rock Bet uses GeoComply. A few clicks to set it up and you’re good to go.

Creating a NJ online casino account

Signing up to play online casino games in New Jersey is a surprisingly simple process. You’ll be asked to submit some personal information that includes:

  • Email address
  • Select a password
  • Legal name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Confirm date of birth
  • Last four digits of your Social Security Number

“Woah, woah!” you might be saying… “my social security number?”. While submitting even the last four digits of your SSN over the internet is something that should only be done with extreme care, it is a necessary step to use a NJ online casino. Hard Rock Bet casino and all legal casinos in the state of New Jersey will require this piece of information. Remember that New Jersey online casinos are licensed and regulated by the state. They need to know exactly who each player is to make sure that they are eligible, and the final four digits of ones SSN proves this.

Once you’ve filled out all of the necessary forms, you’re good to go. Make a deposit, choose a game, and hit the tables.

Banking with New Jersey online casinos

Legal NJ online casinos offer a variety of different banking methods. Hard Rock Bet specifically offers the following choices:

NJ casino deposits

  • Instant Bank TransferInstant deposits by entering a few bits of info from your bank. Tons of major banks are supported here, from PNC, to BOA, to Chase, TD, and more.
  • Credit / Debit Cards – VISA,MasterCard AND American Express are supported. Enter your numbers, click the button, and you’re good to go.
  • PayPal – Fast, easy, safe, secure – PayPal ticks all of the boxes. If you have a PayPal account and have used it for anything in the past, you know how this works. If you’re new to PayPal, establishing an account only takes a few minutes.
  • Venmo – One of the most popular ways to send money today can now be used to deposit to a NJ online casino like Hard Rock Bet. Link your Venmo account for speedy deposits.
  • Play+ – Play+ cards serve a lot like a prepaid card. You create the account, deposit to the Play+ account using a credit/debit card, and can then send funds to the New Jersey online casino.
  • Cash at the Hard Rock Casino Atlantic City – If you’re able to get to Atlantic City it’s possible to make brick and mortar transactions right at the casino cage. Visit the cashier, provide them with your account information and the cash you’d like to deposit and you’re all set.
  • Apple Pay – Apple Pay is one of the newer NJ online casino deposit options. It’s certainly fast and familiar. It is worth noting that Apple Pay won’t appear as an option if you are accessing from a computer or Android device – you must be in an iOS app.

NJ casino withdrawals

Notably, some of the more popular deposit options aren’t available for withdrawal.

  • Instant Bank Transfer – Simply log-in to your bank and follow a few instructions to facilitate a withdrawal.
  • Manual Bank Transfer – The manual transfer is a similar, but separate way to transfer funds directly to your bank account.
  • PayPal – Notably, you have to deposit first with the PayPal account linked to your name before you can request a withdrawal to the account.
  • Venmo – Deposit is first required to link your account, but after that’s been done you can beam the cash from your NJ casino account to your Venmo account.
  • In-Person at Hard Rock AC – Much like the deposit option listed above, you can cash out from your account in-person. Visit the casino cage at the Hard Rock Casino Atlantic City, provide your account details, and they’ll facilitate the transaction right then and there, handing you cash.

NJ casino apps vs web browser

New Jersey online casino games can be played through a few different devices and setups. The most popular way to play is on a mobile app, however, you can play from your computer too if you’re after a little more space with a bigger display.

New Jersey Casino apps

You can download a casino app, like Hard Rock bet, to your phone and access the casino directly from the app. Through the Hard Rock Bet app, for example, you can do everything from sign up, to depositing, playing games, contacting support, request payouts, etc. – it’s a full service product.

Best NJ games for mobile

You might be wondering what the NJ mobile casino experience is like… can you really play, and more importantly, enjoy games on a phone screen? The answer is a resounding yes.

New Jersey online slots port remarkably well to mobile platforms. The graphics, interactions, and reels are all visually pleasing and fun to play. However, the app isn’t just about slots. Space is utilized efficiently to make for excellent table game experiences, too. Blackjack, Roulette, Pai Gow, – you name it, all available directly from on your phone.

Browser play in NJ

Phones are awesome. They’re portable, high resolution, and responsive to every touch. However, one thing they aren’t is big. If you’re looking to play a New Jersey online casino game and are craving a comfortable chair and a large display – a laptop or desktop computer could be right up your alley.

Simply install the geolocation plugin to your computer and you can play your favorite casino titles directly from your web browser. Playing on a computer isn’t better nor worse than playing from the app – it’s just different. Thankfully though you don’t have to choose one or the other, you can play on a NJ online casino from your computer or a casino app.

Legal New Jersey online casino games

New Jersey online casinos are able to offer just about everything that your favorite retail casino can. From slots, to blackjack, to craps, and even live dealer games. Let’s break down some of the most popular options on Hard Rock Bet in New Jersey.

New Jersey online slots

Online slots in New Jersey are easy, fun, portable, and potentially lucrative. Plus, there’s a ton of variety to choose from. Hard Rock Bet alone has more than 1800 unique slot titles, each with a different structure, theme, look, pay lines, and payouts. Online slots port extremely well from a live setting to mobile devices, and offer a very similar experience without the hassle of getting yourself to an actual New Jersey casino.

New Jersey jackpot slots

Jackpot slots, known as ‘progressive slots’ in some circles, are always among the most popular slot titles. With each spin a portion of your wager will be allocated towards the game’s total jackpot. The more people play, the larger the jackpot gets until eventually someone hits it big. Jackpot slots generally offer a lower return to player on each spin, but offer the extreme upside of a jackpot win.

In April of 2023 one lucky New Jersey casino player on Hard Rock Bet lived the dream, connecting on a $1 spin of the MegaJackpots Cleopatra slot, and won the second-chance draw for a remarkable win worth more than $524,000.

Blackjack in New Jersey

Blackjack, the most popular table game in the United States, is available for real money play through New Jersey online casinos. There are a ton of blackjack titles, each with its own rules, side bets, and payouts. While each will honor the core blackjack principals, there is some variety to be had.

Including Live Dealer options, Hard Rock Bet, for example, offers more than fifty different blackjack games to choose from.

New Jersey online roulette

Online roulette is another draw for New Jersey online casino sites and apps. You know the game: place your bets on the board – red, black, odd, even, numbers, thirds, etc. – spin the wheel, and wait for the ball to drop. However, online roulette takes the tried and true in-person experience and improves it. Not only is it faster (no waiting for other players to place bets!), but there are multiple versions to choose from.

American Roulette (NJ)

American Roulette is the most common variant of the game at New Jersey online casinos. The wheel and board will resemble every wheel and board you’ve seen at any retail casino across the country with numbers 1 – 36 and both a green 0 and 00.

French Roulette & European Roulette (NJ)

Some online casinos in New Jersey, like Hard Rock Bet, offer French Roulette and European Roulette, which offer a very similar experience but with a key difference. Instead of having both a 0 and 00 slot on the wheel and board, there’s just one green 0.

New Jersey Video Poker

While there are plenty of poker themed table games, true Video Poker is popular enough to warrant distinction. Traditional video poker machines can be found throughout casinos across New Jersey so it should come as no surprise that they are available online, too.

Game King Video Poker is the true original, and is playable now on Hard Rock Bet New Jersey. Numerous variants of the original are also available

Online Craps in New Jersey

Not every NJ online casino offers craps and attention should be paid to those that do. Hard Rock Bet offers a few different choices for online craps. Titles like Craps Alive and First Person Craps offer players the same gaming experience they’ve come to know from in-person play, but in an efficient online-optimized package.

Benefits of New Jersey online casinos

New Jersey online casinos have been live for more than a decade, so there’s plenty of evidence to illustrate the pros of legalization:

NJ online casino bonuses

Legal casinos in New Jersey are able to offer lucrative bonuses. These offers include ‘welcome offers’ for new customers, and additional perks for existing players.

Hard Rock Bet casino offers an exceptional bonus to bettors in the Garden State that consists of a 100% up to $1,000 first deposit match in addition to 500 Free Spins. You can read more about the offer in detail here. Remember, no Hard Rock Bet promo code is required to claim the NJ online casino bonus.

New Jersey online casino loyalty programs

Most brick and mortar casinos offer some sort of VIP Rewards program to reward regular bettors… and New Jersey online casinos are no different.

For example, Hard Rock Bet offers a fantastic New Jersey online casino rewards program that allows regular plays to ascend through a few different tiers to earn valuable perks including exclusive bonuses, VIP account management, and even sports betting boosts.


Soon all Hard Rock Bet casino players will be able to transfer their online Loyalty Rewards points to the popular Unity rewards program used at Hard Rock properties around the world. Using a 1:1 exchange rate Loyalty Points will be redeemable for Unity Points.

Flexibility and portability

Retail casinos are a blast, but in the state of New Jersey they are exclusively located in Atlantic City. New Jersey online casinos are accessible everywhere in the state. As long as you’ve got your phone and a connection to the internet then you’re good to go.

New Jersey Live Dealer games

New Jersey online casinos have fully embraced Live Dealer games, marrying the efficiency and ease of online play with the personal, social elements of the in-person experience.

Live Dealer casino games are played entirely online, but the game is run by a real dealer over a live video stream. You can interact with the dealer and fellow players through a live chat window, however, all of the betting is done digitally.

Live Dealer games are streamed live from a professional studio inside of an actual New Jersey casino so you can be sure that the same gaming standards are upheld. These are safe, regulated games.

NJ online casino history

New Jersey online casino games have been legal since 2013. Then-Governor Chris Christie ultimately signed Assembly Bill 2578 into law on February 26, 2013, officially expanding the state’s gaming laws.

While New Jersey wasn’t the first state to legalize online gambling, it did serve as a catalyst for the growing industry that we see today. After a few months of regulatory work, the first New Jersey online casinos hit the market in November of 2013.

Hard Rock Bet brings its online casino to New Jersey

Hard Rock Online Casino debuted in New Jersey on June 28, 2018. On Aug. 17, 2023, Hard Rock Bet replaced the original third-party app with its proprietary online sportsbook and iCasino app, delivering a faster, easy-to-use experience for New Jersey players.

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City

Hard Rock is the marquee casino brand in the state of New Jersey. In addition to the Hard Rock Bet casino app that is available statewide for online play, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City remains one of the best examples of a luxury hotel casino in the United States.

History and construction

In March of 2017 Hard Rock International announced the purchase of the former Taj Mahal property, commencing an enormous renovation and rebranding. After injecting $300 million into refurbishment, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City officially opened its doors on June 27, 2018. The Hard Rock Online Casino app launched the following day.

The best casino games in New Jersey

The Hard Rock Casino Atlantic City boasts more than 167,000 square feet of gaming space that is covered with modern table games, slots, and other amenities. In total there are more than 2300+ slot machines, the biggest High Limit slot area in Atlantic City, 130+ gaming tables, and a designated room for Asian table games.

Resort amenities

Beyond casino gaming, the Hard Rock Atlantic City also boasts an excellent array of amenities that one would expect from a top New Jersey casino:

  • Rock Spa Salon
  • Pool
  • Body Rock Fitness Center
  • One of the largest music memorabilia collections in the United States
  • Conference center
  • Boisterous nightlife
  • Plenty of shopping
  • Etess Arena, with more than 5,000 seats for events and concerts
  • Beach access and ‘beach bar’
  • More than 2,000 high quality hotel rooms, some with ocean views
  • … and more

NJ online casino FAQ

What is the age requirement for NJ online casinos?

21+. Since the legal age to gamble in-person in New Jersey is 21, regulators elected to maintain that standard online. You must be 21 to play, no exceptions.

What is the most trusted online casino in New Jersey?

Hard Rock Bet. Casino players around the Garden State have spoken over the years through product reviews and continued patronage of the Hard Rock Bet casino app. Safe, legal games, secure accounts, easy deposits and withdrawals – and all backed by a globally recognizable brand. You can put your trust in Hard Rock Bet.

Where can I play New Jersey online casino games?

Anywhere. As long as you are within state borders you can play legal New Jersey online casino games with Hard Rock Bet. It doesn’t matter if you’re walking the boardwalk in AC, or you’ve just crossed the Holland Tunnel and emerged into Jersey City – as long as you’re in New Jersey you can gamble online.

Who makes New Jersey online casino games?

New Jersey online casino feature games from a variety of providers, including:

  • Aristocrat
  • Bally
  • Betdigital
  • Bragg
  • High 5 Games
  • IGT
  • Light & Wonder
  • Konami
  • NetEnt
  • PlayTech
  • … and plenty more

These companies have been put to the test to make sure that their products are both fair and safe for use by NJ online casino players.

Can I play Live Casino games in NJ?

Yes! New Jersey online casinos like Hard Rock Bet offer a wealth of Live Dealer options. Play your favorite casino games online, but with a real dealer running the show.