Mail In Ticket Redemption

When a player finds themselves with a winning ticket and is unable to visit the Property Sportsbook or Property Casino Cage, they have the option to Mail-In the winning ticket for a check, for winning tickets less than $3,000 and/or non-taxable transactions.

Players must mail the winning ticket to:
Hard Rock Casino – Cincinnati
Attn: HRSB
1000 Broadway Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Player must submit the following items:

1. The winning ticket with the words – MAIL PAY – and the player’s signature written on both sides of the ticket

2. Player’s email address and telephone number

3. A self-addressed, stamped envelope (a $5 administrative fee will be charged if a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) is not included.)

The mail in ticket(s) are delivered to the Sportsbook Management team, which they will log in the mail-in redemption log. The sportsbook will identify, and resolve directly with the patron, any ticket(s) that are not winners or have missing information.
Once the ticket(s) have been logged, the Sportsbook team will transfer the tickets to the Cage. The Cage then uses the patron information on the ticket to determine if there is an established player’s account in the casino management system – Casino Marketplace (CMP), to determine if that player is an excluded player.

The ticket(s) are then redeemed in the system by a cage cashier during their shift. This allows the Cage to balance and have the ticket(s) included as redeemed, for the purpose of calculating gross revenue.

The Cage Supervisor or above determines if a SASE was included with the mail in voucher. If a SASE was included, a cage check is processed for the full amount of the payout. If a SASE was not included, a $5 administrative fee is reduced from the amount of the payout and a cage check is processed. Any $5 fees retained are recorded on the cage summary as miscellaneous income. Checks are then mailed to the patron. Please allow 30 business days for processing.