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Every four years soccer fans across the globe tune in to witness one of the most prestigious tournaments in the sport— the UEFA European Championships, or simply, the Euros. Now in 2024 with legal sports betting available in the United States, the European Championship has also evolved into one of the most significant events on the soccer betting calendar.

Euro 2024 promises to be a spectacle like no other, hosted by Germany, a nation with a rich footballing heritage. Euro 2024 is not just any tournament; it’s a battleground where 24 of Europe’s finest football teams clash for the coveted title of European Champions.

Scheduled to run from June to July, there will be more than fifty total matches to bet on as cities across Germany, from Berlin to Munich, will come alive with the passion and spirit of international football.

At Hard Rock Bet, we’re just as passionate about the Euros as you are. Whether you’re an experienced bettor or new to the activity, our platform offers comprehensive Euro 2024 odds and betting markets to enhance your experience.

Get ready to dive into the action with us—learn the ropes and place your bets on Euro 2024.

UEFA Euro 2024 odds

TeamCurrent Euro 2024 OddsPre-Tourney Euro 2024 Odds
Odds taken from Hard Rock Bet and are subject to change

Upcoming Euro 2024 fixtures

  • Wednesday, June 19:
    • Croatia vs Albania
    • Germany vs Hungary
    • Scotland vs Switzerland
  • Thursday, June 20:
    • Slovenia vs Serbia
    • Denmark vs England
    • Spain vs Italy
  • Friday, June 21:
    • Slovakia vs Ukraine
    • Poland vs Austria
    • Netherlands vs France
  • Saturday, June 22:
    • Georgia vs Czechia
    • Turkiye vs Portugal
    • Belgium vs Romania
  • Sunday, June 23:
    • Switzerland vs Germany
    • Scotland vs Hungary

Euro 2024 News

  • June 18: Turkiye prevailed in a thrilling 3-1 victory over Georgia, while Portugal beat Czechia 2-1 after an extra time winner.
  • June 17: Romania, Slovakia, and France prevailed against Ukraine, Belgium, and Austria respectively.
  • June 16: The Netherlands beat Poland 2-1, Denmark and Slovenia played to a 1-1 draw, and England scored early and held on against Serbia for a 1-0 victory.
  • June 15: Switzerland defeated Hungary 3-1, Spain dominated Croatia 3-0, and Italy overturned an early deficit to top Albania 2-1.
  • June 14: Host Germany opened the tournament with an emphatic 5-1 victory over Scotland
  • June 6: The final cuts have been made, and the rosters are now official for Euro 2024. Each participating team has selected the 26 players that will represent them in Germany.

Why Euro 2024 is a popular event to bet on

Euro 2024 is rare, important, and pits together some of the worlds best athletes and national teams, creating an incredible sports betting scenario on Hard Rock Bet.

It only takes place every four years

Euro 2024 brings an electrifying betting experience that only comes around every four years. This rarity ramps up the excitement and anticipation, making each match not just a game, but a high-stakes event where national pride and continental glory are on the line.

Every goal, save, and tactical decision carries immense weight, adding layers of drama to each game… and when the games are dramatic, it makes for an entertaining betting opportunity.

The timing is right

Taking place from June 14 – July 14, Euro 2024 is perfectly positioned to be a pivotal event for all sports bettors. Euro 2024 not only arrives at a time where the American sports calendar is at its slowest, with the NFL, NBA, and NHL all out of season, but most soccer leagues are also out of season. England, Spain, Germany, France, and all major European leagues are on their summer breaks so Euro 2024 is the only chance to catch these players in action.

It’s time for international soccer tournaments to shine. Hard Rock Bet also offers a lot of Copa América odds, too, which will run throughout the same time period, but at a far different time of day.

Europe’s best on display

The tournament showcases world-class players competing for their national teams, watching global superstars and betting on their performances can significantly enhance the excitement. Additionally, the fierce national rivalries that unfold during Euro 2024 intensify the matches, creating a really fun betting experience.

Popular Euro 2024 Bets

When it comes to Euro 2024 betting there is a world of possibilities. From predicting general match outcomes to speculating on individual player performances, the array of betting options is vast and exciting.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Euro 2024 betting markets.

Moneyline bets on Euro 2024

Moneyline bets, referred to here on Hard Rock bet as winner bets, stand as the cornerstone of the Euro 2024 betting experience. With each match fans can engage in this simple yet exhilarating task of predicting the outright winner. Either the team you bet on wins, or they don’t. Whether it’s a powerhouse showdown or an underdog’s surprise surge, the moneyline offers a direct route to the heart of the action.

As with most soccer betting markets, 3-Way moneylines will be common with bettors able to select either team to win, but also having a third option to bet on a tie. The Euro 2024 odds on Hard Rock Bet will be displayed with a home team, away team, and tie.

euro 2024 moneyline bet

All Euro 2024 odds are subject to change

As the tournament progresses and the knockout rounds begin, bettors will also have the option of picking a 2-Way moneyline where the advancing team is all that matters.

Over/unders – betting totals for Euro 2024

Totals, commonly known as over/unders, are another popular option for betting on the European Championships. When betting on totals you’re trying to nail down whether there will be more or less scoring than where Hard Rock Bet has set the odds. For example, with a line of 2.5 total goals, a result of 2 goals or fewer would cash under tickets while 3 or more goals would cash the over.

Euro 2024 total odds

All Euro 2024 odds are subject to change

Will the teams light up the scoreboard, or will defensive prowess prevail in a low-scoring affair? With totals betting, every goal holds significance, keeping fans on the edge of their seats until the final whistle.

Plus, you’re not rooting on any one particular team – but both teams to score – or not score if you’re on the under – so the viewing dynamic changes substantially.

Euro 2024 spreads

Spread betting in Euro 2024 adds an intriguing twist to traditional wagering. Unlike moneyline bets where you predict the winner, spread betting challenges you to take into account an assessed goal handicap.

Will the favored team triumph by a comfortable margin, or can the underdog keep the match close? With Euro 2024 spread betting, every goal matters, influencing the outcome of your wager.

Euro 2024 spread bet

All Euro 2024 odds are subject to change

For example, for the above game Germany has been deemed a -1.5 goal favorite against Scotland. Therefore a wager on Germany to cover the spread would require them to win by more than 1.5 goals (essentially 2 or more).

Futures for Euro 2024

Futures betting allows participants to speculate on long-term outcomes. From predicting the eventual champion to identifying the top scorer/golden boot winner, futures betting offers a glimpse into the tournament’s potential trajectory.

Will perennial powerhouses dominate the field, or can emerging contenders seize the spotlight? With futures bets, bettors can stake their claims early, banking on their insight and intuition to reap rewards as the tournament progresses, or wait until the later stages of the event. You can bet futures at any time, but keep in mind that the odds will change drastically based on when the wager is placed.

With Hard Rock Bet you can bet on Euro 2024 team futures, group futures, stage of elimination, and more.

Euro 2024 props

Player props inject excitement into Euro 2024 betting by allowing fans to wager on specific player performances. From goals scored to assists provided, player props offer a nuanced way to engage with the tournament’s action.

With player props, every pass, shot, and tackle takes on heightened significance, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the Euro 2024 betting experience.

Betting Euro 2024 parlays

Hard Rock Bet also offers Euro 2024 parlays, allowing bettors to string together multiple bets within singular games (also known as Same Game Parlays), or over the course of the entire tournament. Parlays are a great way to back your convictions and maximize payouts – admittedly, with far greater risk since it’s more difficult to get multiple bets correct than just one.

Available betting markets for Euro 2024

As discussed, Hard Rock is accepting legal wagers on a host of different Euro 2024 odds and markets. These include:

  • Individual games
  • Tournament winner
  • Group winner
  • Forecasts (teams to qualify from the groups)
  • Stage of elimination

You can also bet on tons of outcomes within each specific Euro 2024 fixture.

  • Total goals
  • Double chance
  • Winner
  • Both teams to score
  • Total goals for each team
  • Game Result
  • Spread
  • Correct score
  • Halftime / full time
  • Winning margin
  • Game results for specific sets of time (ex. 1st – 10th minute)
  • Teams to win both halves
  • and plenty more

Live betting on Euro 2024

Live betting, also known as in-play betting, transforms how you interact not just with the current Euro 2024 odds, but all sports betting markets. This dynamic form of betting lets you place wagers as the action unfolds on the pitch.

During Euro 2024 you can bet on various game aspects such as the outcome of the match, the number of goals scored, corners taken, or even which players might receive yellow cards as the action is transpiring. This type of betting is perfect for those who thrive on the game’s spontaneity and wish to utilize their understanding of how the game is evolving in real-time.

Euro 2024 presents an ideal scenario for live betting due to the high-stakes environment and the quality of play. The rapid pace of soccer matches, coupled with critical decisions made by players and coaches, means that every moment matters. As events happen and odds change, you can adjust your bets right up until the final whistle.

In essence, live betting on Euro 2024 offers a unique opportunity to engage directly with the matches and leverage your insights into real-time betting success. It’s not just about watching; it’s about being an active participant in the drama and unpredictability of one of soccer’s biggest stages.

Ready to dive into the action? Hard Rock Bet provides comprehensive Euro 2024 live betting options that bring you closer to the heart of Europe’s premier football tournament.

How to bet on Euro 2024

You can easily find all current Euro 2024 odds within the Hard Rock Bet app or through the online sportsbook website. The fastest way to find them is to click on the search menu and enter “UEFA Euro” to see what’s currently on offer. As the tournament nears the Euro 2024 betting options will be displayed more prominently on the homepage of the app.

Before you can place a bet, however, you will need to create your Hard Rock Bet sports betting account. To do so, simply click here to begin the process. No Hard Rock promo code is required during sign up. All new players are eligible for the best possible welcome offer.

During the sign up process new bettors will be asked to provide personal information like their name, address, phone number, email address, and the last four digits of their SSN. This is a standard part of the legal sports betting process in the United States.

Notably, Hard Rock Bet is the only legal betting app for sports betting in Florida, and also services Arizona, Indiana, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee, and Virginia.

About Euro 2024

The UEFA European Championship, widely known as the Euros, ranks among the world’s most revered international football tournaments. It sprang from the vision of Henri Delaunay, a pivotal figure in FIFA, who initially proposed a European competition back in the 1920s. Yet, it wasn’t until 1960 that the dream materialized into the first tournament, hosted by France. This inaugural event featured just four teams in a knockout format, starting a legacy that would grow in prestige and popularity with each passing tournament.

Over the decades, the European Championships has undergone significant transformations. By 1980, the tournament expanded to include eight teams, doubling again to sixteen by 1996. Along with these expansions came innovations like the golden goal rule, introduced in 1996 but discontinued after Euro 2000. More recently, the tournament adapted to accommodate up to 24 teams, reflecting the growing football talent across the continent.

Germany and Spain have emerged as the powerhouses of the European Championships, each securing multiple titles. Other nations like France, Italy, and the Netherlands also boast remarkable success stories in the tournament’s history. The most recent championship, Euro 2020, saw Italy clinch their second title by defeating England in a gripping final.

Today, the UEFA European Championship is not just a football tournament; it’s a celebration of high-caliber international play, dramatic rivalries, and the sheer unpredictability of the game. It continues to capture the imaginations of fans, and now sports bettors worldwide.

The most successful countries for the European Championships

Germany and Spain are the two most successful nations in the history of the European Championship tournament, each with three victories. Italy and France have each won twice, while Russia (as the Soviet Union), the Czech Republic, Portugal, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Greece have each won once.

Notably, England has never won the European Championship, though they are the current pre-tournament favorite on Hard Rock Bet for Euro 2024.

Euro 2024 odds FAQ

Have questions about the European Championships, or the tournament in general? We’ve got your answers.

Who has the best odds to win Euro 2024

England, France, and Germany currently have the best odds to win Euro 2024.

England is considered one of the favorites to win Euro 2024. With a young but experienced squad that includes Jude Bellingham, Phil Foden, Declan Rice, and Bukayo Saka, England is entering a Golden Generation and just needs the silverware to cement their status as footballing royalty.

France also boasts a star-studded lineup led by Kylian Mbappe, who many would consider the best player in the world currently. The French team’s blend of skillful attack and solid defense, coupled with their success in recent international tournaments, positions them as a strong candidate for the championship.

Despite recent struggles you can never count out Germany, especially on home soil. Ilkay Gundogan, Leroy Sane, Kai Havertz, and Joshua Kimmich are just a handful of the squads biggest names.

While the odds may shift as the tournament draws closer, England, France, and Germany currently stand out as the leading contenders for Euro 2024.

How do I bet on Euro 2024?

Simply head over to Hard Rock Bet. Anyone over the age of 21 and in the states of Arizona, Florida, Indiana, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee, and Virginia are eligible to create an account and place legal bets on Euro 2024.

Is it legal to bet on Euro 2024?

Yes, betting on Euro 2024 is legal in certain states within the United States. Hard Rock Bet is actively accepting legal wagers on the tournament in a number of states including Arizona, Florida, Indiana, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee, and Virginia.

This enables soccer fans and bettors in these regions to engage legally with Euro 2024 betting, enjoying the excitement of the tournament while adhering to local laws.

When does Euro 2024 start?

June 14, 2024. The first game of the Euro 2024 tournament takes place on Friday, June 14, 2024, with the host of the event, Germany, facing off against Scotland. Euro 2024 odd of all kinds are available now on Hard Rock Bet.

Who has the best odds to be top scorer at Euro 2024?

As Euro 2024 approaches, several elite players are highlighted as favorites to win the Golden Boot, an award given to the tournament’s top scorer. Among those considered are:

1. Harry Kane (England) – The England captain is consistently mentioned as a leading contender. His impressive scoring record for both club and country, coupled with the fact that England are favored to make a deep run, gives him an excellent opportunity to take the award.

2. Kylian Mbappé (France) – Another formidable contender, Mbappé’s phenomenal pace and clinical finishing make him a prime candidate. His key role in France’s attack adds to his potential to top the scoring charts during the tournament, as he did during the 2022 FIFA World Cup.